Programs and Services

The MMBC Continuum offers a variety of services to its members both corporate and M/WBE.

Many of the M/WBE services include:

  • Training and Development Services
  • Strategic Consulation Services
  • Joint Venture Opportunities
  • Strategic Fits & Connections
  • Certification & Onboarding
  • Incubator For Underserved Industries
  • Best Practice Information
  • Industry Data & Trends
  • Business Development Specialist (Advocacy)
  • TADP Referral Network

And more......

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The Mid-South Minority Council TADP, Inc. (TADP) is a 501(c)(3) training and development program established in 2002 by the Mid-South Minority Business Council (MMBC). The TADP and The MMBC Continuum work together to bring world-class programs and services to Mid-South businesses.

Primarily first-generation small, minority and women-owned businesses lack sound business structures, strategic planning, access to financial resources and management practices that promote growth and development. The programs and services of the TADP are tailored to the unique environment in which businesses operate. Additionally, the breadth and depth of TADP programs and services highlight the knowledge and capacity needed to advance economic growth and development.


Making the Right Connections .... The Heart of What We Do!

The MMBC Continuum's primary role is to strengthen the economics of the community. We take that role seriously and are focused on not just making any connection, but our goal is to make the right connection.

Matchmaking is truly at the heart of everything we do. At The MMBC Continuum, we work directly with corporations to understand their needs and then we strategically match those needs with capable M/WBEs that have the ability to compete on price, quality and service. As well, we encourage M/WBEs to clearly communicate the value or solution that they can provide to the corporation.

The "Dial-up", Strategic Fits and Strategic Transactions are all part of what we do to make the right connection!

Loan Fund

The MMBC Continuum recognized the growth needs of minority-owned businesses and has developed programs to assist these firms with growing their businesses. Consequently, The MMBC Continuum Working Capital Loan Fund (WCLF) was started for the purpose of providing access to working capital funds for M/WBEs in construction related industries.

The working capital loan fund is available to MMBC Continuum M/WBE members with contracts awarded by MMBC Continuum corporate members.

Borrower eligibility under the working capital loan fund is limited to:

  • Ethnic/racial minority business enterprises (or those under a protected group as recognized by the Federal Government), who have been certified by the Uniform Certification Agency (UCA), and have a contract with a MMBC Continuum corporate member
  • Borrowers having at least 51% ownership in the business
  • Owner(s) has a strong management with proven experience in the business

Loan applications, at a minimum must include the following borrower information:

  • A history of the business
  • Purpose for the loan and a source of repayment
  • Financial statements for the most current 3 years
  • Schedule of term debt
  • Aging of accounts receivables and payables
  • Signed personal and corporate income tax returns for the most current 3 years
  • Personal guaranty of the borrower

For more information contact Working Capital Loan Manager at (901) 525-6512.