Memphis MBDA Business Center

In 2012 The MMBC Continuum was awarded a $1 million grant over four years to fund a Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Center in Memphis, TN. The MBDA Business Center, under the U. S. Department of Commerce, is the first center in the State of Tennessee. After a successful four years, The MMBC Continuum had the opportunity to apply for a second grant in 2016 and was successful in obtaining the new grant to continue operating the Center for another five years.

The Memphis Center is part of a national network of over 40 centers across the United States.

The MBDA Business Center provides:

  • Access to Capital and Finance Management
  • Access to Contracts
  • Access to New Markets
  • Access to Strategic Business Consulting

For more information contact the MBDA Business Center:

Physical Address:
158 Madison Ave.
Suite 101
Memphis,TN 38103

Phone: (901) 528-1432 l Fax: (901) 528-1755

Memphis MBDA Business Center

The Memphis MBDA Business Center officially opened in 2012 as the first Center in the State of Tennessee. The Center has achieved success under the leadership of Luke Yancy III, president & CEO of The MMBC Continuum and the Center's operator, in conjunction with the executive director.

The MBDA Business Center is a program funded by the Minority Business Development Agency under the U.S. Department of Commerce. The Memphis Center is part of a national network of centers across the country which serves as a portal for access to national and federal procurement opportunities. (MBDA National Network Map)

MBDA Staff

Wanda Christian, Executive Director
Wanda Christian brings experience from corporate America with a background in customer service. Wanda is responsible for servicing clients, providing access to training and resources while facilitating connections to corporate decision makers for contract awards.

Joyce Ores, Senior Program Assistant
Joyce Ores is the Senior Program Assistant. Joyce is responsible for connecting MBDA clients to federal opportunities, tracking and management of data and client information.

For more information and eligibility requirements call the MBDA Business Center in Memphis at (901) 528-1432.

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MBDA Provides Access & Opportunities

The Minority Business Development Agency seeks to create a new generation of minority-owned businesses with at least $1 million in annual revenues.

The MBDA fosters innovation and entrepreneurship with minority-owned businesses in high-growth industries like:

  • Clean and renewable energy
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies (SMAC)
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare

For more information about joining the Memphis MBDA Business Center,
contact the Executive Director at (901) 528-1432.

MBDA Services

Access to Capital and Finance Management
By far, the most important aspect of developing your business, and often the most difficult to achieve, is access to capital and finance management.

Our business advisors offer extensive experience in:

  • Commercial lending and banking
  • Financial, credit and risk analysis
  • SBA and conventional loans qualification andevaluation
  • Loan and grant identification and packaging
  • General finance counseling

Access to Contracts
MBDA business development specialists provideprocurement assistance to help minority-owned firms do business with the federal, state, and local governments as well as private corporations.

Memphis MBDA Business Center provides:

  • Identification of procurement opportunities
  • Solicitation analysis
  • Research contract award histories
  • Post-award contract administration
  • Central contractor registration
  • Certification assistance

Access to new Markets
Increasing market share through the identification of new markets or increasing your customer base in an existing market is our goal for you.

Services include:

  • Government procurement assistance
  • Private sector contract identification
  • Specialized certification assistance including 8(a), MBE, and Small Disadvantaged Business
  • Market research
  • Market plan development
  • Marketing communications – advertising,promotions, public relations, brochure design

Strategic Business Consulting
To grow your business, you must have sound management practices and processes in place.

We provide assistance with (either directly or through referrals):

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Staffing
  • Organization and structure
  • Policies and procedures
  • General business consulting
  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Teaming Agreements

MBDA Provides Access & Opportunities

For more information visit us at 158 Madison Avenue, Suite 101, Memphis, TN 38103 or call 901.528.1432.

MBDA CARES Initiative

The MBDA CARES Initiative will assist minority-owned business enterprises (“MBE”) by educating, training and advising business owners and their employees on how to mitigate financial and operational effects of COVID-19 on the survivability of their businesses.

Resource portal with invaluable information and tools to help businesses grow, thrive and overcome the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and traditional business structures.