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The Memphis MBE Collaborative is working collectively to provide support and resources to encourage minority business enterprises (MBEs) interested in participating as subcontractors and suppliers for the upcoming Walbridge Construction Blue Oval City project. To be considered for future bid opportunities, all MBEs are required to complete and submit a pre-qualification application.

To aid us in assisting you, please complete the two-part process by clicking the link below.

The Pre-Qualification Submission Process:

Step 1: Enter and submit contact information. You will then be immediately redirected to the Walbridge Construction website.

Step 2: Complete and submit the pre-qualification application on the Walbridge Construction website.

Please note: Once you arrive at the website, there are three different classifications, so please select the one that best describes your company's services / capabilities. If your company self-performs, the Subcontractor form would be the one for you to complete; if you supply, without any self-performing capabilities, please complete the Vendor/Supplier form.

If a question/area does not pertain to your company, please fill it in as N/A. Also please make certain that you attach any / all certifications that your company holds in all states.

Should you have any questions, please be sure to contact us.

Walbridge Construction Pre-Qualification Submission

Ernest Strickland
President and CEO
Black Business Association of Memphis

Jozelle Luster Booker
President and CEO
MMBC Continuum
Operator of TN MBDA Business Center

Stephanie Alexander
Executive Director
Memphis Area Minority Contractor Association

Thank you,
Memphis MBE Collaborative