Blue Suede Networks Fiber Project
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Blue Suede Networks:
Transforming Memphis with High-Speed Fiber

Blue Suede Networks is making history with one of the largest-ever private investments in Memphis. It aims to provide lightning-fast, affordable broadband access to at least 85% of Memphis. This project will benefit nearly every residence and business through a collaboration between government, the business community, community groups, and private industry to uplift communities and impact the future of Memphis. Over the next five years the projected economic impact includes: 4,600 jobs, $1.4 billion economic contribution, and $5.76 million in local taxes and fees.

The high-speed fiber project serves as a model for strategic public-private partnerships designed to provide solutions that will transform Memphis into a model of digital opportunity and connectivity.

All of the Blue Suede Networks partners and providers are working together to build a more prosperous Memphis!

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